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Competition for the Development of Architectural - Urban Design Concept for the Seat of the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor "Cricoteka" in Nadwiślańska Street in Cracow.

Adjudication of the competition

On 26 September 2006 at Nadwiślańska Street in Cracow, the competition Jury chaired by the Marshal of the Małopolska Voivodship - Janusz Sepioł announced the verdict regarding the competition for the architectural ? urban design concept for the new seat of Cricoteka.

The following prizes have been awarded:

The full version of the verdict of the competition Jury.

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Old Power Station in Podgórze district, from archive of Marek Sosenko. Thanks to First Prize

Competition Jury

The Director of the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor ?Cricoteka? has officially appointed the Competition Jury with the following members:
Adam Budak - curator in Kunsthaus, Graz;
Przemysław Gawor, Ph.D. - architect, Speaker, Member of the Jury;
Ewa Kaczmarczyk - Vice-Director of the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor "Cricoteka";
Krystyna Łyczakowska - architect, Director of the Cracow branch of the Polish Architects Society;
Krzysztof Markiel, MA - Director of the Department of Culture and National Heritage of the Marshal Office of the MałopolskaVoivodship;
Marek Pabich, Ph.D. - architect, The Technical University of Łódź;
Anda Rottenberg - art historian, Chairperson of the Modern Art Museum Board in Warsaw;
Andrzej Starmach - Director of Starmach Gallery, President of the Nowosielscy Foundation Board in Cracow;
Marco de Michelis - Dipartimento di Storia dell?architettura della Universita IUVA di Venezia;
Janusz Sepioł, MA - architect, Marshal of the Małopolska Voivodship;
Prof. Andrzej Wyżykowski - Chief Municipal Architect of the City of Cracow.

Ed. Jolanta Kunowska, Tomasz Tomaszewski

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