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Tadeusz Kantor, "My monument", 1990

private collection, photo Cricoteka






Cricoteka, Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor was founded by Tadeusz Kantor as early as in 1980, at first as the Centre of Cricot 2 Theatre at 5, Kanonicza Street (now the seat of the Archives of the Centre). For almost ten years it has been the basic institution for Kantor's theatre, simultaneously a kind of the "Living Archives" of his theatre creation. The main purpose of the centre has been to preserve his ideas "not in a librarian system, but in the mind and imagination of generations to come".

In accordance with the Master's testament, this task is the basic and most important purpose currently realised by Cricoteka. The unique collection of Kantor's works is the basis of activity of the centre. The collection consists of several hundreds of objects and costumes of Cricot 2 Theatre, Kantor's theoretical papers, drawings and design works, video records, and photographic documentation as well as thousands of reviews, journals and books. This enormous output, the result of long peregrinations carried out by Tadeusz Kantor and his actors, is under constant development and scientific working out. Cricoteka is a specific institution functioning simultaneously as the archives, a "museum", a gallery and a scientific post.


Tadeusz Kantor's Gallery/Atelier is a kind of the "annexe" of Cricoteka. Its activity began in 1995 at Tadeusz Kantor's studio, where he created his last works in the period 1987-1990. Apart from the "Poor Little Room of Imagination" it houses a small gallery. 



Translated by: Elżbieta Chrzanowska-Kluczewska