Eight happenings in Bled 1969

"Minor Cosmetic Operations," photo: the Archives of the Foksal Gallery

“Minor Cosmetic Operations,” photo: the Archives of the Foksal Gallery

In August 1969 Kantor, together with a team of actors from various countries, prepared eight happenings for Saarbrücken Television for the film “The Impossible Theatre.” The happenings were based on  S.I. Witkiewicz’s play In a Little Manor House. The setting of every scene was different: at a little railway station, on a glacier in the Julian Alps, in a casino, in a drawing room, on a beach, in a steelworks, in a forest.
“Minor Cosmetic Operations” and “The Painting of Doorsteps” were organized as separate scenes by Maria Stangret (they had been prepared earlier in the Foksal Gallery together with the “Winter Assemblage”).