“From Dust to Dust” exhibition. Copernicus Festival 2022: “Information”

Every archive is some kind of creation, and every library has a finite amount of books and a catalog developed by someone.

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Photo: Szymon Sokołowski / meta_strong_fiction

From Dust to Dust
April 28 – May 22
Thursday – Sunday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Cricoteka, 2-4 Nadwiślańska Street
Free entrance

The exhibition From Dust to Dust, held in Cricoteka – a documentation center – and as part of the Copernicus Festival, which for this year adopted the word “information” as its leading motto, is a collective story about archives. It’s a story about the internal compulsion to document, catalog, collect, and secure information. It concerns a certain obsession that gives a sense of security, but also allows one to take possession of truth and reality.

Curated by:
Kamil Kuitkowski, Kinga Nowak

Bogusław Bachorczyk, Andrzej Bednarczyk, Michał Bratko, Iwona Demko, Karolina Jarzębak, Tadeusz Kantor, Joanna Sitarz, Anna Skrzypczyk, sandra stpn, Borys Szadkowski, Michał Zawada

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Photo: Szymon Sokołowski / meta_strong_fiction