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Cricoteka started its activity in 1980 in Krakow as the Centre of the Cricot 2 Theatre. Over the next ten years, the Centre established the institutional basis for the functioning of the Cricot 2 Theatre, while collecting materials documenting the theatrical and artistic activities of Tadeusz Kantor. After the artist’s passing, the Center of the Cricot 2 Theatre Cricoteka changed its name to the Center for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka. It currently functions under this name in several places in Krakow (Cricoteka offices at no. 2 Szczepańska Street; Cricoteka Archive at no. 5 Kanonicza Street; Tadeusz Kantor’s Room/Atelier at no. 7 Sienna Street, apt. 5 and the store house of collections). Unfortunately, none of them allows for a full presentation of Tadeusz Kantor’s work. It became necessary to merge the institution dispersed in several places in one location.

October 2005 saw the proposal of the Małopolska Voivodeship – the organizer of Cricoteka – to create a new seat of the institution in the former Podgórze Power Plant in Nadwiślańska Street in Krakow.

The plans assumed adapting the historic buildings of the former power station to the needs of the Centre integrated with a newly created modern edifice of Cricoteka’s new seat.

In 2006, the jury of the international architectural competition selected the concept of IQ2 Konsorcjum (Wizja Co. Ltd.- Stanisław Deńko, nsMoonStudio Co. Ltd.- Piotr Nawara, Agnieszka Szultk, Krakow).

In 2009, Cricoteka’s project received funding to implement the task entitled Construction of the New Seat of Cricoteka Including the Museum of Tadeusz Kantor from the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme as well as resources for its own contribution from the budget of the Małopolska Region.

In December 2009, an agreement was signed for the implementation of the construction with Chemobudowa SA company.

The completion of construction is scheduled for 2014.

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