Workshops with Teresa and Andrzej Wełmiński

Creation, transformation, reconstruction
6 – 18 July 2015, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.


Facilitator: Andrzej and Teresa Wełmiński with the participation of Andrzej Kowalczyk and Tomasz Dobrowolski
Capacity limit: 13 participants
Public performance: 18  July, 6 p.m.

Download the application form and send it to writing the name of workshop facilitator in the e-mail subject line. Deadline for the applications: 21 June 2015.




Public Performance


Workshops conducted by Teresa and Andrzej Wełmiński (often with the participation of other actors of the Cricot 2 Theatre) present the Cricot Theatre as an important and unique phenomenon.

Their experience stems from creative participation in the theatre of Tadeusz Kantor since 1973 and, after the theatre was dissolved, from continued theatrical activity and work on their own, autonomous productions.

The work will be based on the local character of the place and individual skills and abilities of participants. Exercises usually begin with basic, elementary actions on stage: an object and the way of using it, space, time and their transformations, movement, structures of a performance, scene construction, the meaning behind a text, etc. Surprisingly, already at this early stage, the origins of future characters and their adventures begin to form. In each case the result of the workshops is different and the final show or performance has a unique form.

The workshops will involve not only vocal and physical exercises but also exercises in movement, rhythm control, the ability to transform characters as well as develop and construct objects and costumes necessary for theatrical études. It is a process which involves constant feedback between all participants and appearing elements; syntheses are slowly materialised and all elements begin to connect.


production, reproduction,

copy – original

replica, repetition, mummies, multiple objects,

quotations, loan-words

copies, illusions, simulations


The above are some of the terms and notions appearing in the contemporary discourse about art.

We will have to refer to these notions in our workshops.

We will observe how they appeared in the Cricot 2 Theatre.

As well as what strategies and tactics of creative work resulted from them.

The workshop will also be a natural development of actions by Andrzej Kowalczyk entitled Conversations at the remains concentrating on the reconstruction of abandoned objects, once created at the Cricot 2 Theatre. We will now think about how objects and things mix with human beings.

Transferring the knowledge of the Cricot Theatre is not a discovery of a fossilized layer of meanings – it is an unending creative process, a live experience referring to fundamental principles of contemporary art, emphasizing the role of risk, creativity, uncertainty, irreversibility and common responsibility for the final shape of the work.



Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Krakow University of Technology in 1982. From 1984 to 1998 an employee of Cricoteka – co-author of many exhibitions in Poland and abroad, a technical manager of the Cricot 2 Theatre; an actor of the Cricot 2 Theatre from 1985 to 1992; participated in Tadeusz Kantor’s theatre performances: Let the Artists Die , Wielopole, WielopoleI Shall Never ReturnToday Is My Birthday. He took part in the happening The Anatomy Lesson by Tadeusz Kantor – a debate organized with part of the Cricot 2 Theatre group as a tribute to Tadeusz Kantor, 1991.
He frequently cooperates (set design, direction, participation in performances) with the Cricot 2 Theatre actors – Manjacy of Their Master’s voice, 1993; America or don’t look back, 1995, Gone, Passed and So Will All the Stories (Minęło, minęło i tak przeminą wszystkie historie), 2007. He participated in Andrzej Wełmiński’s projects Da liegt der Hund begraben – Germanias Halluzinationen in Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, 1997; De Dolende Ney, Amsterdam, 1999.
In 2004 he received the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Award at Krakow University of Technology during the Tenth International Architecture Biennial in the Museum of Tadeusz Kantor competition (team: Jacek Czech, Andrzej Kowalczyk, Jakub Kowalczyk).



Born in Krakow in 1949. He first collaborated with Tadeusz Kantor in 1978 as sound technician during the production of the Cricotage ‘Where Are the Snows of Yesteryear’. In 1979 Dobrowolski performed the part of Pedel in ‘The Dead Class’. Later, since1986, he worked as sound technician at the Cricot 2 Theatre, and until 1999 at Cricoteka, where he contributed to the creation of exhibitions by equipping them with sound. Together with actors of the Cricot 2 Theatre he participated in various theatre events.



Actress, director. Graduate of Nursing School in Krakow. From 1976 to 1990 she worked with Tadeusz Kantor and performed in the following productions of the Cricot 2 Theatre: The Dead Class, Where Are the Snows of Yesteryear, Wielopole, Wielopole, Let the Artists Die, I Shall Never Return and Today Is My Birthday. Since 1992 she has been working on theatre productions and running theatre workshops along with Andrzej Wełmiński.



Graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (diploma under Professor Włodzimierz Kunz, 1977). Involved in drawing, painting, photography, creating objects and installations. Associated with the Foksal Gallery and the Krzysztofory Gallery. Actor and director. Worked with Tadeusz Kantor, from 1973 to 1990 he participated in all the productions and tours of the Cricot 2 Theatre.

Co-author – with his wife Teresa – of performances: Manjacy of Their Master’s voice with the Actors of the Cricot 2 Theatre, 1993; America or don’t look back with the Actors of the Cricot 2 Theatre, 1995; Devil of the motion in Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz, 1996; Slaughterhouse by Sławomir Mrożek in Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz, 1997; Da liegt der Hund begraben – Germanias Halluzinationen – Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, 1997; set design for a musical De Dolende Ney – Amsterdam, 1999; Hydromaschinen Prozession – an outdoor happening as part of stadt im flussevent, commissioned by Esslingen municipal authorities, 2005; Gone, Passed and So Will All the Stories… (Minęło, minęło i tak przeminą wszystkie historie) with the Actors of the Cricot 2 Theatre, 2007; Traumatikon – Rose Bruford College, London, 2011; Flammarion – La MaMa Spoleto, 2011; Pages from the Book of… – Rose Bruford College, London, 2012, performance presented at the International Festival Istropolitana Project in Bratislava (which received two main awards in the following categories: Outstanding Achievement and Best Production), at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Moscow at the Moscow International University Theatre Festival.

Teresa and Andrzej Wełmiński give lectures and workshops on the history, theory (philosophy) and stage practices of the Cricot 2 Theatre. They have run workshops in Stuttgart, Romainmotier, in Rote Fabryk in Zurich, Scuola Teatro Dimitri Verscio, Loughborough University, UK, University of Washington, USA, Rose Bruford College in London, University of Tehran and other places.

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